I changed Business Stratigies. Book of Angels will only be a framework for other developers to work on; but the actual video game (the art) will be commercial. There is a good business reason for me doing this for Open Source; so the code will be Open Source; but I'll be putting a team; that's local to my area and form a business to market the game on every system I can get it on. It's good for my company; and it's good for the community.

The site is going up. I decided to use the blogging system on .. I'm glad I did. Now, I can blog to different social network outlets. I've been working hard on the code. I work 8 hour days on it. There is a lot of money in this; and I decided to produce Book of Angels as Open Source. I was going to make it a shareware project; and I've changed my mind several times. Even lost some help out there from changing my mind. I decided to be a one man team until I learn all the technologies in creating the video game and learn how to do my own web design. Too many people flake out; or get busy with other things. If I can't do it; then it won't be done. I decided to code Book of Angels from scratch. I'll have to use OpenGL; but I'm not going to learn other APIs and libraries unless I have no choice. I believe in coding everything myself. It might take 30 people to pull it off; but I can always get the people later. For now; I'm on my own. I have an idea on how it should be done. Right now, the code is all ISO C++. I'm using Visual C++ to code it. I know this is Open Source; but I'm no purist. This is the best way to sell the products; and get out the teachings of the Godess.